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News about COLT graduates

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We recently asked Teacher Nushfeekah to share the latest news about the Heatherdale 4 with us. In case you missed the introduction to them please Read here. She is in regular contact with the teachers at Heatherdale Primary School, where 4 of our most vulnerable graduates started this year. Asked about their progress, she was happy to tell us that, “two of the COLT graduates are doing really very well, they are working well in class and are fitting in well socially”.

Heatherdale teachers send Nushfeekah messages most weekdays to keep her informed, also to send her the class homework pages which she then takes to the mothers in the community and shows them how they can help their children at home. COLT also provides their families with bread, peanut butter and jam a couple of times per week so that the children have a packed lunch to eat at school like all the other learners in their class. The Heatherdale teachers make every effort to let COLT staff know when there is a class outing so that our graduates have a suitable packed lunch to take along on the outing and to ensure that the outing costs are met (Heatherdale teachers often assist with covering costs as well).

When these 2 boys were attending COLT they were not living with their biological mothers, but were in the care of one of the leaders in the community. Both mothers are now participating fully in their sons’ lives and education, and are committed to working with social workers to proceed with the reunification process. Teacher Nushfeekah will walk alongside these children and their mothers as they continue with their journey.

The other 2 boys who were enrolled at Heatherdale Primary are facing challenges of poor school attendance. COLT staff will continue to provide support and encouragement to them and their parents.

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