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The Children of Light Educare is a project of the Children Of Light Educare Trust and is a Non-Profit Organisation (Reg No: 149-100 NPO). It is guided by a Board of Trustees, and the Educare Principal leads the Educare Management team.

Managing Trustee Report for Children of Light Educare Trust - AGM

Date: 10 June 2023 (In person)

In 2022 COLT celebrated its 5th year in operation and has served a total of 51 children (20 current learners and 31 past learners) and the communities in which they live. There were 5 full time staff members and we are grateful for the efforts of numerous volunteers, sponsors and donors that supported the permanent staff body. A key focus area for the year was making progress on attaining our registration with the Department of Basic Education. For this, we initiated and completed a number of building and site projects to ensure we meet registration compliance.

A key element of our offering is to ensure that the health and social needs of our children and their families are being met. For Health, we were able to successfully partner with the Lansdowne Clinic. Cases for Social Services were referred to Child Welfare, Rylands, but with no follow through from them COLT staff now manage these cases.  

Read full report here, and audited financials here.

2023 Budget

View our 2023 budget here.

Managing Trustee Report for Children of Light Educare Trust - AGM

Date: 24 June 2022 via ZOOM (Virtual)

An Educare is defined as a centre that integrates education, health and welfare for preschool children.  Early Childhood Learning (ECD), in terms of the Children’s Act, No 38 of 2005 specifies the provision of emotional, sensory, spiritual, moral, physical, social and the development of communication for children  up to 6 years old. While our programme fully aligns with these government policies, our approach goes a step further in that it is holistic in nature and child-centred. In addition, the Children of Light Educare (COLT) has, at the heart of its foundations, the principles of Yoga as passed down via the Sivananda lineage.  

To deliver an all-round quality education of this nature rules out working with a large number of children. Our approach instead is to work with a few children and their families in a more intimate, supportive, loving and co-operative manner.

Read full report here, and audited financials here.

2022 Budget

View our 2022 budget here.

Managing Trustee Report for Children of Light Educare Trust - AGM

Date: 25 June 2021 via ZOOM (Virtual)

Donors and friends often ask if it is worth doing all this work for just 19 children.  For us, our reach touches more than 19 children. 

When we educate a child, this has an impact on the entire family which extends to the surrounding community with an awakening, bringing about hope, self-respect and co-operation. The value of nurturing the seeds embedded within the children now, will or will not flower in their later teenage or adult years and it is our hope that this will enable them to make better choices in life, become good friends, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and citizens of our country.

It is for this reason, regardless of the immense effort and resources, that we focus on providing quality education that reaches the child as a whole, albeit in small numbers.

Research tells us that quality Early Childhood Development intervention can reverse the impact of deprivation and enable a child to grow to their full potential.

Read full report here, and audited financials here.

Managing Trustee Report for Ananda Kutir Education Trust - AGM

Date: 14 August 2020 via ZOOM (Virtual)

Ananda Kutir Education Trust was formed in 2014 with the vision of Integral Education that nurtures the innate divinity and potential of children.

The beneficiaries are children from underprivileged communities. The initial goal was to establish a school where we could support a child through the developmental phases from Grade R till matric.

Over time, due to limited resources and the required capacity in overcoming vast legislative requirements, the Trustees of Ananda Kutir Education Trust resolved in 2019, that the Trust should steer its human and financial resources into establishing an Educare. An Educare focuses on providing health, social, mental, emotional and spiritual support to children from birth to 6 years.

With the establishment of the Educare, we introduced a new Children of Light Educare logo. 

Read full report here, and audited financials here.

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