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Research was integral to the pilot project to evaluate the effectiveness of the Life is Yoga programme at Village Tods Educare and the impact it had on children between the ages 3 – 6 years.

Research results would be used to promote Integral Yoga and secure funding for the establishment of the Children of Light Educare, an Educare that is based on Integral Yoga principles whilst being aligned with government legislation and policies.

Research Design

A Pilot Programme at an existing Educare. The research study made use of the qualitative research approach.

Children participating in the research are between the ages of 3-6 years. Currently there are 100 children at Village Tods Educare.

Published Research Study

Research Report, University of the Western Cape (Oct 2015)

Title: Stakeholders’ experiences and perceptions of the ‘Life is Yoga’ programme at Village Tods Educare Centre

Authors: Patience Chimwaza, Retha Laubsher and Shanen Smith

Supervisor: Nikki Vermeulen

Research Pilot Programme

Participants in the study were the principal of the Educare Centre, the yoga instructor and six parents of the children participating in the life is yoga program as well as two educators, for each age group of the children participating in the Life is Yoga Programme, at Village Tods Educare.

Emerging themes based on the data analysis (pg 37) were:

  1. Taking Yoga like bees to honey
  2. Personal Influence and feelings
  3. From mats to everyday living

The findings of the research showed that:

Children are more relaxed and calm

Children are developing self-regulating behaviour

Children are speaking in full sentences

Children are using tools, such as breathing when angry, at home.

As a result of these positive outcomes, it was decided by the Educare that there should be an introduction of an evening parent/teacher yoga class. Based on parents’ observation of the positive results, the parents themselves have requested the introduction of community yoga classes.

Research at COLT in 2018

On 23 November 2018 Occupational Therapy Honours students presented their research results on parents’ perceptions of the impact that the yoga program at COLT Educare has had on their children. Some of the key findings were; less violent behaviour and swearing, and children more willing to co-operate at home. Recommendations included; to involve the parents in the yoga program as they did not have any understanding of yoga, but are keen to learn. 

An interview with one of the students can be heard in the video below, which was recorded by eNCA at the Educare on the day.

Therapeutic Yoga in Early Childhood Development

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