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Handpuppets in a sea adventure

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One of the most popular themes used regularly in the Life is Yoga Programme is a lesson based on sea creatures and the beach. In May this year The Two Oceans Aquarium environmental and educational puppet show “Keep the Beach Clean” was performed at the school for the 3 – 6 year old children. The puppet melodrama introduced us to Sally the seal and her friends, Henry the seahorse, Exo the crab, Peter the penguin, Bruce the shark and Dolly the dolphin. It was a thrilling adventure with a strong environmental message which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Thankfully the story had a happy ending! Subsequent yoga classes were based on what the children had learnt from the puppet show. In one yoga class we explored our bones and skeleton, comparing it with the exoskeleton of Exo the crab, who has so many more legs than we do. 

Devi Harker



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