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COLT driver

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Our Educare driver, Asim Rahman started working at COLT in 2019. At first he used his own car for transporting the children and parents. He says that initially he was concerned about personal safety issues, but as his good reputation in the communities grew so did his confidence. Asim found it hard work to discipline the children in the car, to make sure that they remained safe and did not open doors or windows. He was worried about them and in the colder weather would wipe runny noses and make sure that the car heater was on. With more children being enrolled at COLT in 2020 he had to make 2 trips which was problematic and stressful. Now that the Educare has a school bus Asim says he is much more relaxed and can just concentrate on being on the road.

During Covid-19 hard lockdown Asim helped pack and distribute food parcels of fresh produce and hot prepared meals to the COLT communities. He says; “We did a great job helping the communities, it was an honour to be involved.”

When he visits the communities during school holidays he sees the children playing in the dirt without supervision and looking hungry. When school term opens again the children are shining, excited and happy to be back at school. Looking to the future Asim says; “COLT is giving these children a solid foundation, if only a small number study further for a degree it is worth the effort. Only with education and manners will their circumstance improve. A parent shouldn’t see a child being born into a dirty shack.”

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