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Class assistant Siyasanga

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Siyasanga Tyiba, a graduate from the Chrysalis Academy joined the COLT team in November 2019. Her 3-month BRAVO training included Child Care and she is currently working as a class assistant under the guidance of Teacher Nushfeekah in Daisy Class. This placement is currently funded by the Expanded Public Works Program.

Siya, as she is known at school quickly earned the trust of the children and the ethos of COLT is reflected in her day to day work at the Educare. Siyasanga wishes to share the rest of her story by way of the pictures below!

This is the third of four staff interviews that form part of our Birthday Campaign – Help our children and Donate now

Snack time at COLT

Spring Festival in Daisy class and

Creating a mandala – staff Yoga day


Making and tasting beetroot juice and

Vitamin syrup in the morning                      




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