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Winter Holiday Program

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Today was the third and final day of a very successful Colt Winter Holiday Program, our first holiday program which will certainly be repeated annually! It was heart – warming to see our children after a two week break and also our past graduates who were invited to join the program. There were 30 children and the theme for this July – Mandela Month 2021, seemed really significant to us ‘One hand can feed another’. Our grateful thanks to the Colt donors who provided and delivered the three daily packed meals for the children, teachers, facilitators and volunteers.

Each day included Yoga with Jennifer, Eurythmy with Khanya, Music with Lilavan, Art with Devi and Khanya and Storytelling with Lisa. There was a large soft play free play area inside the hall and also space outside for games and activities.

Lilavan showed us fun ways to use body percussion to make noise like wind, rain and thunder while still keeping a beat. In art the children were invited to explore through the mediums of crayons, wet on wet painting and clay work. Yoga and breathing exercises were kept upbeat through stories about animals and healing verse. In eurythmy the children were very quick to learn a sequence which was done in a circle and then another shorter one which was done with a partner. After lunchtime the children, teachers and volunteers would gather around Lisa for storytelling. We are deeply appreciative of the four outside facilitators who straight away warmed to the Colt community and introduced the children to so many amazing new experiences.



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