Parents Fire-Ed training

COLT parents turned out in full force this week for the Injury Intervention training session with Natasha from Learn for Life. This training was experiential and it was wonderful to see the parents take to the floor and Drop! and Roll! as Natasha took them through the training. First Aid training was also ‘hands on’ so that parents are well prepared in the event of fires in their communities.

Two years ago a fire tore through the Hadji Ebrahim Crescent informal settlement and we were reminded of how it had affected our children. How distressing it was for some children following the fire to arrive at the Educare without shoes and proper clothing. Fortunately there is an emergency cupboard at COLT that is stocked with clothing and shoes for times like these.

Strengthening connections with parents and the community by providing interventions and training like this, goes a long way to building a healthy and harmonious society.

Inspired by Swami Sivananda