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Learning through Loss

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Lee (not her real name) is one of our graduates this year. Her mother passed away last year and her aunt takes care of her and her two sisters in the Hadji Ebrahim informal settlement. Her older sister graduated from COLT in 2019. Lee’s father takes a keen and active role in her well-being and has completed all the necessary documentation to enrol her into a Primary School for 2023. He is working and makes every effort to communicate with COLT teachers about the family’s needs and progress.  

Teacher Nushfeekah shares this recent experience in class, “Lee seems to have adjusted well as her father is present and COLT Educare is a constant in her life. One morning as she was hovering around me, just after breakfast and before we were about to start our daily program, Lee starts to sing a very sad funeral song. I just got the sense that she missed her mom. Usually I would tell the children, lets start the program, but I allowed her to sing and soon we all sang along with her. She then came to me and said; “teacher that was mommy’s funeral song.” Our program changed for that day to allow her to miss her mommy and when all the singing came to an end, the children had playtime. I was so touched.”

Teacher Nushfeekah continues, “Last Friday, we went to the park and ate cupcakes that had been donated to COLT. While we were there, Lee shared with me that it was her mom’s birthday. We gave her 3 cupcakes for her siblings and she asked if she may sing for her mother. I said of course and your siblings can sing at home.” 

Our wish for the future is to continue serving these children, their families and their communities. The Educare is very blessed to have teachers who are committed to the vision and go beyond the scope of their job functions to support the children and their families.


COLT is a Non-Profit Organisation and relies on donations for All of its funding. We appeal to all COLT friends to help us sustain COLT staff salaries and Educare transport costs.

We would like to take this opportunity to call for monthly pledges in support of the Educare. A suggestion is a donation of R500 per month or an annual donation of R 6 000.

COLT Banking details

Bank:   Absa (savings account)

Name:   Children of Light Educare Trust

Account No:   93 2207 3615

Branch:   632005 (Claremont)

Reference:   Name surname and educare or transport or general

SWIFT Code (for international donors):   ABSAZAJJ

Donate now via Payfast

Kindly email your confirmation of payment to Devi at

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