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Sponsor a Child

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Future Leaders: Bringing education and spirituality to our children

Sponsor a Child gives members of the public an opportunity to contribute to attaining the goals of the Ananda Kutir Education Trust by bringing education and spirituality into the lives children, and at the same time, providing them with access to education which they do not have.

We believe that children and youth should grow up with spiritual values and tools to become wonderful citizens and contributors to society. Hence the Ananda Kutir Education Trust was established, whose task it is to create an independent school: the Children of Light School.


As the school will primarily support disadvantaged school children, the project needs to be funded by donations.

Ananda Kutir Education Trust has obtained its NPO status NPO Number 031-418-NPO and is in the process of applying for a Section 18A as well as PBO (Public Beneficiary Organisation) status with SARS.

The Trust has identified the need for an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre in the Maitland Community of Garden Village and wishes to start the first class with ten children in 2016.

For this purpose a budget was put together. This budget can be made available to any funder who wishes to see it. Educational Support such as books, educational equipment, meals, psychology, counselling, speech therapy, recreational activities as well as three outings per year has been costed at R121,300 per year. Therefore the trust has launched a Sponsor a Child Campaign where individuals can sponsor a child for R1100 per month or a once off payment of R13,200 per year.

If you believe that this is a worthwhile cause, then we invite you to pledge a monthly or annual amount for the year 2016: This will secure our children’s educational support needs are met for a year.

Kindly express your interest by signing and completing the attached Sponsor a Child Form, and email it to Karuna Whitebread, Treasurer of Ananda Kutir Education Trust: or by mailing it to:

Ananda Kutir Education Trust
c/o Ananda Kutir Ashrama
PO Box 36134
South Africa

Once we have received the pledges, Marchelle will contact you regarding further details.

Please visit our Facebook page Children of Light School to stay up to date on all of our developments, or read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about being a sponsor.

We thank you for your kind and generous support for a much needed and worthy school project.

May God bless you.

Yours truly,

Triveni Fredericks
Fundraiser: Ananda Kutir Education Trust
+27 71 8852410

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