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A new partner

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This week we joined the Rise Against Hunger (RAH) community. RAH’s key focus is to distribute highly nutritious meals to Early Childhood Development Centres which are in the process of applying to register with the Department of Social Development. According to their website the ingredients of the packaged meals comply with UNICEF standards and for the next 2 years the school will be provided with a total of 200 meals per month. This will greatly reduce our expenditure on food and speed up our ability to upgrade the school infrastructure to meet the requirements for registration. The children thoroughly enjoyed their first meal from RAH!

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Learning is Fun

When COLT children arrive at the Educare each morning they know that they are in a safe, nurturing environment with a predictable routine, where learning is fun!

Crossing a new threshold

Today COLT children were very excited to be back for the start of the 3rd term. Danny our driver dropped them off in front of

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