Principles of Learning

  • The children are taught to restrain themselves by diverting all their energies and attention to mastering the arts and sciences.
  • Spiritual Education: parents should endeavour to see that the child’s heart receives spiritual impressions in their early youth, when the senses begin to assert themselves.
  • Children will be taught by example
  • Parents and teachers to co-operate in imparting the right type of education
  • The lives of Saints will play a prominent place in the curriculum (suitable to context)
  • Education is not only a process of learning the secular sciences and the humanities but its fundamental usefulness consists in the culture of the inner personality of man, i.e. to elicit the inner qualities and traits.
  • Lessons given through storytelling
  • Each child will think of God in their own way [1]
[1] ‘ Religious Education’ by Swami Sivananda (Divine Life Society, 2012)
Inspired by Swami Sivananda