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Imhoff Farm outing

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On 19 April we had an early start to the school day because we had to drive to Imhoff Farm in Kommetjie for our outing to Higgeldy Piggeldy Farmyard. Seeing a tractor was top of the list for some of the children and while visiting the horses and llamas we saw the tractor and trailer going off to do important farm work! On the swings and slides the kids really enjoyed having to climb up into a big tree to get to the top of the super long slide. We had our picnic overlooking the duck pond with a wonderful view all the way across to Noordhoek beach. While busy eating our snacks we saw two springbok grazing close by. Then it was off to watch the rabbits with their twitching noses and lovely fluffy fur. The children found the turkeys and geese rather scary when they ran towards us and they cautiously kept their distance while gazing at the goats and bulls. The morning passed far too quickly with so much to see and so much to do. The feathers that we collected will stay on our classroom nature table as a reminder of this awesome outing.

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