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Teacher Nushfeekah had everyone’s full attention this morning as she introduced the children to the lives of farm animals. Using one of her unique stories to do this the children were immediately engaged and wanted to find out more. They were keen too to hear what their friend Micheal had to say.

At snack time we all joined Kiana in celebrating her 3rd birthday. The Waldorf-inspired birthday verse below beautifully explains how very sacred the moment of our birth is.

Above my head the stars do shine

Each star is like a flame,

And one is mine, that o’er me shone

When to this earth I came.

Upon this earth my step is firm,

The stones are ‘neath my feet.

I see the birds and beasts and flowers,

And loving people greet.

And every year the day returns

When my star shineth bright,

And I receive within my heart

The glory of its light.

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