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A Day of Love

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This week the children have been very busy creating bead bracelets and Valentine cards for their moms. Yesterday the moms joined their children for a festive valentine lunch and afterwards each child presented their mom with the card and placed the bracelet on moms arm – it was very heart-warming to see the moms’ expressions as they received their gifts!

Marj Murray from Breathwork Africa then demonstrated breathing techniques that the children can use at home and school to self-regulate and manage big emotions. The children were immediately engaged and learnt how to do the elephant breath, bunny breath, belly breath, and spaghetti breath (which seemed to be the favourite!)

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Learning is Fun

When COLT children arrive at the Educare each morning they know that they are in a safe, nurturing environment with a predictable routine, where learning is fun!

Crossing a new threshold

Today COLT children were very excited to be back for the start of the 3rd term. Danny our driver dropped them off in front of

We like to keep busy.

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