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Juliet’s story

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Juliet Mabhauwah started at Children of Light Educare (Colt) when it opened in 2017. She says: “I came only with my lovable personality and no experience in ECD (early childhood development). I came with a love for children. Patience is something that I struggled with, but I feel the reason God placed me at COLT was to learn patience. My journey started with having to work very hard on myself. It was not easy. I was very fortunate to have role models like teacher Mala and teacher Devi and learnt from the way that they worked with the children.

In order to gain this experience I had to adopt a positive attitude, good work ethic and a willingness to get involved wherever I was needed. This held me in good stead because not only did I earn the trust of the children, but they fell in love with me. That gave me even more courage to familiarise myself with their taste buds and learn how to make their favourite dish, rice and beans!

One of the best things that I was introduced to at Colt was Yoga. The philosophy and Hatha Yoga helped so much to have a better understanding and to get through the day. Therefore I find myself more centred now than before. Colt started to feel like my second home and I started to feel more balanced – when I cook I cook with love, and whatever I’m doing I do it wholeheartedly. With the guidance of my 2 mentors from back in 2017 I learnt to use a diary and prepare for the next day.

Over the years I realised that I’m not at Colt by coincidence, but because God wanted me here at this time. With good guidance from the right people I’ve grown and gained so much confidence over the past 4 years. Now I’m a teacher’s assistant and working more closely with the children so that I continue to grow and learn every day.”

This is the last of the four staff interviews that form part of our Birthday Campaign. We have enjoyed sharing their stories with you! Our children need them –Help us and Donate  now

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