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Covid-19 Support project

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Last week when we visited the three communities where our children and their families live it became very clear that there was a dire need for food, detergent, masks and educational materials. We have committed to support our past and current children and their families, twenty in total. Christolene, who started at Children of Light when she was 3.5 years old graduated to Grade R at the end of 2019. Her mom was so proud and excited to show us a picture of her daughter dressed in her new school uniform.

Many individuals and organisations are assisting us with our Covid-19 Support project. We are most grateful for their kind and generous support.

Cape Town Hindu Seva Samaj are providing food parcels for our school families.

BAPS Cape Town provide 100 meals on a weekly basis to our families. They also offer support to our school driver who is collecting and distributing the meals to the three communities.

Through Verein-Ubuntu, Perone Nadja from Switzerland, and Jennifer Stephens provide food and hygiene parcels for our 20 families. Matchbox Africa is covering the costs for collection and distribution of these parcels.

Funds donated by Dharmic Samelan are being used to buy educational materials and winter clothes for our children. Two mothers in each community are co-ordinating the educational activities for the children. Their completed work will be collected by Teacher Nushfeekah when we visit the communities again next week.

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