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Children living in Flamingo Heights were very excited to show teacher Nushfeekah (left) their completed work yesterday. The two parents, who supervise the children while they work through the educational activities that have been planned for them, are committed to helping the children continue with their lessons during lock down.

Diego, who graduated at the end of 2019 was thrilled to see teacher Nushfeekah again and greeted her with an elbow tap! Behind him is his sister Mia who started at Children of Light this year. They live in Pook se Bos.

Sisanda from Pook se Bos is due to graduate at the end of this year. She holds one of a hundred muffins that were donated to our Covid-19 support project. These were delivered to our school communities together with the food and fresh produce that is regularly distributed.


Jaylene and Jeremy who live in Hadji Ebrahim informal settlement help to carry in the food that has been delivered to the community.

Teacher Nushfeekah shows Lameck the new worksheet that she has delivered for him to colour in.  The two mothers who supervise the educational activities in Hadji Ebrahim will help the children complete the work this week. Lameck is due to graduate at the end of this year.

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