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Building Character

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A focus on developing the character of each individual child in a loving and caring environment is the cornerstone of our approach to education. The children at our school act out what they experience at home in the informal settlement.  Attention seeking behaviour, resistance, and lashing out at others for no apparent reason is typical of the interaction we see at school.

It is well documented that in children who have suffered complex trauma during their early years, the development of the limbic system can be impaired.

This can impact on their ability to react appropriately in social situations and they often experience difficulties in relating to others. They find it hard to control their emotions. Staff at the school provides a stable, safe place for them to develop their capacities for relationships and self-regulation. Each child is deserving of an individualised approach to support, with adequate time to practise their newly developing skills.

Of course there will be slip ups, but no child should be excluded from learning environments and connecting with others.

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