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“Quo et hic culpa quidem… Cras hac effectum laesae est sancli consulere.”
Jeffrey Mcfadden

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The lifestyle of children today is extremely demanding and unbalanced as a result of a demanding academic curriculum, compulsory participation in extra-mural activities, extra-tuition, compulsory sporting activities, social life, poverty, unstable households and neglect.

This has led to children being over stressed, overworked, becoming involved in substance abuse, developing destructive peer relationships and drifting further away from their peaceful divine innate nature.

Statistics and the media clearly show the destructiveness this lifestyle has had on children today. There is an increase in drug and alcohol abuse, bullying at school, theft, teenage suicide, emotional instability, increase in fear as a result of demanding academic and sporting activities.

The strategic focus of the government is prevention and rehabilitation through educating learners at school and establishing rehabilitation centres for behaviour modification. This however does not address the individual as a whole being, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental, as part of a family and community, and results in short term behaviour changes with lapses. Children are expected to excel and outperform one another in sport which results in competitive behaviour.

The approach of the Children of Light Educare is to develop the inner qualities, draw out latent potentialities and competencies of the child, thereby assisting them in self-realising their interest and true potential. This may also enhance self-development.

In today’s age of technology and social media, children have minimal exposure to being in nature and experiencing the peace, tranquility and freedom that nature and the environment has to offer.

Today’s society inspires violence, which is evident with toys, popular films, computer games and heroes which leads to a rise in crime and decline in values.

With financial and social demands placed on parents, family time is minimal. Children often do not grow up with positive role models and as a result cultivate self destructive behaviour. The basic elements of moral and good values, such as sharing, giving, love, respect and unity are lost.

It is against this background that the Children Of Light Educare Trust was formed.  The Children Of Light Educare Trust is an NPO, registered with the South African Department of Social Development (149-100 NPO).
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