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Back to School in 2018

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There were a number of changes that welcomed everyone back to school in January this year. The classroom has been moved to a cooler room in the house and focusses on educational instruction and games, storybooks and creative artwork. Teachers have also created separate play areas in other rooms; a place to have fun with toy cars and trucks; a quiet corner to enjoy a peaceful picnic using the miniature ceramic tea set; and of course a space for washing up after mealtimes.  We also discovered changes outside the school. On the first day back we were able to fill a bowl with shiny ripe tomatoes picked from the vegetable garden and some of the sunflowers were taller than the kids! A wonderful donation of musical instruments has given us the chance to introduce a weekly music session.  Juliet, our school helper currently runs the music class which the children thoroughly enjoy. They bring their own natural rhythm and enthusiasm to this last class of the week, making sure that we always end on a high note.

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