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AGM 7 June 2019

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Managing Trustee Mala Maitri Makan (second from left) presented her report and Treasurer Marchelle Karuna Whitebread (end left) presented the Financial statement for the year ending 2018. From end right; Councillor Mark Kleinschmidt, Swami Vidyananda, guest speaker Adri Marais, Trustee Zakira Triveni Fredericks, Hilary Devi Harker (Yoga teacher).

On 7 June the Ananda Kutir Education Trust (AKET) held its AGM at the Children of Light School, one of its community projects. AKET trustees were very encouraged to see Councillor Mark Kleinschmidt at the meeting. Mark was the guest speaker at the School’s Open Day in September 2017.

Ms Adri Marais, CEO at Christel House, a non-profit organisation, was guest speaker at the AGM.  Christel House in Ottery is a school offering free education to children living in impoverished communities and Adri shared some very valuable insights with us. We hope that this is just the start of many more conversations with her.

Also at the meeting were volunteers who work regularly at the school and youth volunteers who help with the children during their study breaks. Our donor of the premises and other friends of the school were at the AGM too. The school Spiritual Leader, Swami Vidyananda opened and closed the meeting with a prayer. He also gave special thanks to the youth for their willingness to serve the school community.

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