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4th term PTA

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We had 100% attendance at our 4th term PTA meeting this morning! Providing transport for our parents ensures that they are able to attend, this included our new parents who completed admission forms for their children to attend the Educare in 2021.

COLT Educare is in partnership with Christel House, an independent school in Ottery that offers full scholarships from Grade R to Grade 12 to children living in impoverished communities. Janine, their social worker addressed our parents today and 4 of our children registered for scholarships in 2021 for Grade R. Two of our children were awarded scholarships in 2019.

Next step for Lameck:  Lameck has attended our Educare since 2018. His mom has always taken a very keen interest in his education. Each morning she makes sure that he is clean and ready for school and when our driver Asim arrives she buckles Lameck into the car. Today is a very special day for her, and for us, as she sits with the administrator from Christel House to complete an admission form for Lameck. It has been her dream for Lameck to attend Christel House for the next step in his education.

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