People who Help Us

This week Natasha from Learn for Life visited the Educare to present one of her Safety Edutainment programmes to the children. Her high energy, fun and interactive presentation on ‘People who Help Us’ kept all the children fully engaged. The safety messages are based on experiential learning and each child was asked to actively play a part in the session.

Last month Natasha presented her Evacuation Plan for Child Care Centres to COLT staff, and in June she will conduct an Injury Intervention training session with the COLT parents.

Interacting and learning from educators who are from outside the COLT community is so important for our children. They are able to grow and develop positive social skills in a gentle and safe environment. Natasha said that she really enjoyed visiting the Educare and found the children “delightful and interactive”.

Inspired by Swami Sivananda