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Peace at school

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We have just started the last term of 2019, a year of tremendous growth and dynamic change at the school. We feel confident that our therapeutic approach to address the troubling behaviour of our traumatised children is bearing fruit. Healing stories which teacher Nushfeekah creates for the children reaches them on many levels by touching their hearts. Two staff members recently attended training on using the persona doll approach with children. This life-like doll is a way to engage the children in a non-threatening way to learn about diversity through story and discussion.

Regular hatha yoga sessions are held at school for teachers, volunteers and also the children. Simple breathing exercises are an effective tool to help break the cycle when emotions throw us off balance. The children experience how it feels to be quiet and peaceful, even if just for a few moments. A peace garden is being created at the back of the school which invites staff and children to spend time alone if they’re feeling unsettled. There is a small, smooth stone figurine which they can hold in their hands, or they may just choose to look at and smell the fragrant plants to experience a sense of extended calmness.

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