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Parents having fun

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The 4th term is always a very busy term at Children of Light Educare (COLT) with the graduation ceremony, concert, and end of year party for our children. All past COLT learners are invited to the end of year party, together with their siblings. This year we are catering for over a hundred children, providing gifts and a freshly prepared meal for each child.

This also means that we need more festive decorations. To help with this, staff organised a two hour craft workshop on a Friday afternoon for our parents. There was no knowing how many parents would be interested and if any would actually show up. What a heartwarming response there was! –  COLT driver, Danny arrived at the Educare with a full busload of parents.

Staff had work tables set out with paints and craft material and the parents enthusiastically got down to the task, colours flowed while staff provided encouragement and advice. There was lots of chatter and laughter about being like children again and having to create something. Parents became so absorbed in painting that the one mother dipped her paint brush in her tea mug and everyone had a good laugh. It was wonderful for our parents to feel like children again and have some fun and create something beautiful. When asked if they would like to have more craft sessions the overwhelming response was; ‘Yes, because it was so nice and calming’. When the parents climbed into the Educare bus for the trip back home again they were in high spirits, one mom had even cheekily painted her initials in green on the side of her face and added some glitter.

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