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New research in 2018

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On 23 November Occupational Therapy Honours students presented their research results on parents’ perceptions of the impact that the yoga program at the school has had on their children. Some of the key findings were; less violent behaviour and swearing, and children more willing to co-operate at home.  Recommendations included; to involve the parents in the yoga program as they did not have any understanding of yoga, but are keen to learn. An interview with one of the students can be heard in the video which was recorded by eNCA at the school on the day.

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Learning is Fun

When COLT children arrive at the Educare each morning they know that they are in a safe, nurturing environment with a predictable routine, where learning is fun!

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Today COLT children were very excited to be back for the start of the 3rd term. Danny our driver dropped them off in front of

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