First week First term

The first term has started with our two classes, a total of 22 children settling into the daily routine with boundless enthusiasm! Sunflower class has welcomed a new group of 3 -4 year olds. Class assistant Juliet helped each one find their place around the classroom table to enjoy their first breakfast together.

Grade R class made the most of the sunny weather last week and walked to the park with teacher Nushfeekah and class assistant Ntombi. The daily attendance in both classes has been very encouraging. Parents are making an effort each morning to get their children ready in time for when our educare driver Danny arrives to fetch them.

A successful Parent Teacher Meeting was held this week with most parents attending. It was an opportunity to educate our parents about primary healthcare and child development. They were encouraged to stimulate their children at home with simple and practical home programs.


Inspired by Swami Sivananda