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COLT’s 6th Anniversary

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Children of Light Educare (COLT) celebrates its 6th Anniversary on Monday October 23! Join us as we look back over the past few years celebrating the milestones that have been achieved. We started in October 2017 unwavering in our commitment to the organisation’s vision – to provide ‘Integral Education that nurtures the innate divinity and potential of children’. There were six children from two communities enrolled and classes were three days per week. With further funding from individual donors the service was extended to four days per week. 

In April 2019 a qualified Educare teacher was appointed. We were able to increase the number of enrolled children to twelve and they lived in three settlements – Hadji Ebrahim Crescent, Pook se Bos, and Flamingo Heights. COLT continues to serve these three communities. In 2021 a separate class was created for the 3 – 4 year olds and the Educare intake increased to a total of nineteen children from the three communities.

Currently a qualified Educare teacher and class assistant serves each class. Sunflower class is the 3 – 4 year old group where the focus is on play and discovery. This is the child’s first experience of being away from home and a gentle, playful approach is used to allow for this transition.

Grade R class is the 5 – 6 year old group. The Grade R curriculum is individualised for the older children, making integration into formal school possible. Through creative activities the child gains knowledge and skills of literacy, numeracy and life-skills in preparation for Grade 1.

Over the past six years we have learnt so much about our children’s lives and needs and have shaped the COLT curriculum around our findings. In May 2023 our organisation received its certificate of registration from the Department of Basic Education. This means that the COLT Early Childhood Development Program is operating legally and in compliance with the standards and policies of the department.

A much needed Aftercare pilot project was initiated in 2023 to assist past learners with numeracy and language skills. Primary school teachers are in regular contact with COLT staff to monitor progress. Parental neglect at home and lack of stimulation are big problems within our communities. Teacher Nushfeekah, also a qualified Auxilliary Social Worker is actively working with seven social cases in our communities. The COLT reach extends to 51 families, over and above the current 18 children enrolled at COLT.

The organisation’s anniversary is celebrated each year on the auspicious day of Vijayadashami, a Hindu festival celebrated on the 10th and last day of Navaratri. The nine nights of Navaratri celebrate the victory of good over evil. The festival also highlights learning and education – children are initiated into the study of the alphabet; books are blessed and new students commence their lessons in music. COLT celebrates this anniversary with a fire ceremony (Yajna) which the children and staff participate in. A birthday cake and other treats are then enjoyed by children, staff, volunteers and guests.

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