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COLT Highlights & Daily Activities

We regularly update our Educare news blog on the website to keep you informed of the latest COLT activities and the impact that the educare program is having on the children, staff, volunteers and parents. Also, our campaign posters keep you informed of planned fundraising events during the year.

Learning is Fun

When COLT children arrive at the Educare each morning they know that they are in a safe, nurturing environment with a predictable routine, where learning is fun!

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Parents Fire-Ed training

COLT parents turned out in full force this week for the Injury Intervention training session with Natasha from Learn for Life. This training was experiential

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People who help Us

This week Natasha from Learn for Life visited the Educare to present one of her Safety Edutainment programmes to the children. Her high energy, fun

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Healthy Meals

Lunches at Colt are cooked and prepared by the teachers, each one cooking on a particular day. Many of our children are malnourished and the

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Serve Love Focus Learn

So much has been accomplished in the Sunflower and Grade R classes since the beginning of this term. Children concentrating hard and working through the

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Pool outing

Making the most of the hot weather this term our Sunflower and Grade R classes went to a local swimming pool for the morning. Colt

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Gardening at Colt

Gardening sessions this term started in the classroom with children sitting quietly, listening to a rendition of Frédéric Chopin’s ‘Waterfall’.  Then we made a list

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First week First term

The first term has started with our two classes, a total of 22 children settling into the daily routine with boundless enthusiasm! Sunflower class has

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Working hand in hand in 2022

This year 4 of our most vulnerable children start their formal schooling in Grade R at Heatherdale Primary School in Athlone. To assist with their

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We like to keep busy.

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