School teachers learn yoga too!

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With the intention that Village Tods embrace the values of integral yoga in totality, the school teachers are having yoga classes as well. The principal, Carol Booysen, the driving force behind the program at the school, has articulated the profound change yoga has brought to her personally: “I cannot for the life of me NOT have yoga! I’m learning to take a breather, calm down and be in the moment; to say things in a certain heartening way.”

Yoga has created a special bond between the kids and a sense of excitement in the school. The kids are active and vibrant, yet calm, with all round improved wellbeing. They are more helpful and engaging. Songs and activities promoting positive attitudes and living values are introduced to the kids in the weekly yoga classes. The school teachers carry these through into their other class lessons. An example of this is ‘Hush – Listen’ which is recited by the children in the Grade R class with warm enthusiasm and understanding.


Be a friend to all

Share what you have with others

Care for animals and plants

Show affection for your family

Hush – Listen…

Listen to your heart! It will tell you everything you need to know

You live there … It is the real You!

(Parvathiananda Nov 2012)

Inspired by Swami Sivananda