Snippets from the mats – June 2015

Teachers at Village Tods are saying that children who participated in the Life is Yoga programme last year are now very familiar with taking off their shoes, finding a yoga mat, and sitting quietly in easy-seat before the class begins. A boy with autism is participating more this year, taking his shoes off for yoga, not running around, and staying on his yoga mat, following the yoga postures and songs with the other kids.

A new girl in the 4-5 year old class, who never used to say a word at school, is talking in sentences now and her class teacher firmly believes that yoga has contributed to her confidence.

The teachers like that each yoga lesson is different, introducing new life skills into the classroom. For example, in the one yoga class the children had to carry a bell without making a noise…… was wonderful to witness their concentration! “It is a big boost for a child to see that he can do the same thing as the yoga teacher” says Carol Booysen, principal at Village Tods Educare.

In a recent yoga class with the theme ‘Trip through the Desert’ we created a night sky chart and each child was given a star to stick on the chart. Naturally the guided yoga relaxation session was held under the stars!


Inspired by Swami Sivananda