Parenting education and support

A parenting support session was held in the Peace garden this week with Labeekah, Kareem’s mom. In early childhood education programs strong family engagement promotes children’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional health and development. She told us; “since attending the Educare Kareem does not swear, his behaviour has changed, I am able to cope with him better. In the past he would climb on the tables at home and become uncontrollable. He now prays before meals.” She said she is spending more time with her two children and often takes them to the park.

She wants a better life for them and is making every effort to submit applications for ID documents, clinic cards and birth certificates. Labeekah communicates regularly with the principal and teachers using the educare message book system. She is feeling empowered and has many wonderful qualities as a mother and human being.


Inspired by Swami Sivananda