Love Nature

The beautiful mural painting of animals completed at the school this week brings vibrant colour and the wonderment of nature into the front garden. A feature of the painting is that the elements of the given space are incorporated into the picture in a natural way. Charlie and Salie from Butterfly Art were asked to focus on the form of big and small animals in an attempt to help the children visualise size in nature. They have also delightfully captured the peace and harmony that can be found in nature.

There are so many things about the world of animals that are strange and wonderful and beyond man’s abilities or comprehension. Animals only live by instinct and never do things which are against basic nature. This is something to reflect on as we witness the devastating effects of climate change (caused by man) on global ecosystems and environments. Each time we look at the mural we should be reminded that each one of us has a duty to love and protect all creatures on Earth.

Inspired by Swami Sivananda