Life is Yoga has a ripple effect

Bateleur Capital, a financial services provider, was introduced to Village Tods Educare through the Life is Yoga Pilot Project in 2015. They have continued with their CSI outreach project in 2016, funding improvements to the school playground. These include extensions and repairs to junglegyms and swings, laying new lawn and trimming trees, laying new paving, resizing of the sandpit and installation of kids garden benches.

School principal, Caroline Booysen had this to say about the changes: “There is a visible difference which parents and visitors comment on when they walk into the school! Ruth Leukes, IMG Manager for Early Childhood Development for the Central District, Western Cape Education Dept says our school is a leader and uses Village Tods as an example of change. The new paving and benches makes the playground tidy – kids can have class outside under the tree now. No more littering in the school and gone are the days when swings were all broken. Also, there has been a ripple effect into the community because they can see the changes at the school. Unemployed residents want to work in the garden at the school, it uplifts them”. Friends and neighbours in the community, together with the MGV Greenlight Community Project have created two vegetable patches in the school garden.

Devi Harker

Inspired by Swami Sivananda