Fun at Kirstenbosch


At 9am on 7 September with great excitement 25 children, Carol Booysen and her 2 assistants, and I boarded the luxury bus which was taking us to Kirstenbosch. Not even the slight morning drizzle could dampen this much anticipated outing into nature. Early in the year it was decided to take the Village Tods class of 6 year olds on an outing in September. The bus was sponsored by Victoria Hill, a friend of Yoga teacher Carla Pinhiero. Carla, her mom, and American friend Andrea also joined us at Kirstenbosch for the outing. I provided colourful buffs for the children and teachers to wear for group identity.

We started our walk through the avenue of ancient camphor trees and fortunately the drizzle soon stopped so we were able to walk out onto the lawns. We enjoyed looking at the flowering clivias, strelitzias, daisies and succulents. We talked about what creatures we might see at night such as the owl, mongoose and porcupine. It was fun to stand and watch the Egyptian geese which became very voluble when we walked from the Otter pond through The Dell. They made sure that we did not disturb their many chicks which were well hidden in the foliage. While standing at Colonel Bird’s Bath we caught a glimpse of the life-size steel dinosaur sculpture amongst the cycads and followed the path for a closer look. Then it was time for refreshments, a story, and a run on the beautiful lawns. When we got back to the bus at noon we enjoyed our packed lunches and fruit juice.

Being able to take kids safely into nature on an outing like this was possible only because of the generous support the Life is Yoga Program receives from so many people. We are so grateful for the joyful difference it made to this small group of young children.

Devi Harker.

Inspired by Swami Sivananda