Blessing and opening of the Labyrinth

IMG_0308webOn 1 September ‘Spring Day’ we had the blessing ceremony of the labyrinth at Village Tods Educare. Terry De Vries, designer and builder of the labyrinth and Cherie Commins, sponsor of the labyrinth were our very special guests. Swami Vidyananda opened the ceremony with a prayer, followed by Terry who led the group of class teachers, yoga teachers, and visitors through the labyrinth experience.

The following day the children had their chance! Each class started by holding hands in a circle around the labyrinth repeating words of universal peace, joy and love. Classes were then split into smaller groups that were slowly led through the labyrinth paying full attention to following the winding path in silence.

Time spent walking through the labyrinth can help an individual in various ways, such as reducing stress, focussing the mind, enhancing creativity, and helping with processing emotions and trauma. It is a way to connect with nature and enjoy feelings of peace and happiness.

Hilary Harker

Inspired by Swami Sivananda