Birthday party in the park

Lameck’s 4th birthday was on the 21st February and because if fell on a Thursday (park day) we decided to have his party at the park. Juliet baked and decorated the beautiful green birthday cake and packed party hats, cool drinks and eats in the picnic basket to take with. Earlier in the week we had made kites from plastic recycling so we took these along for everyone to play with. There was a gentle breeze at the park so the children were able to run and have fun flying the kites. The birthday cake and treats were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone! And that was not all … because Lameck’s mum had sent party packs to school for the children which they were given to take home for later.

Each year that a child adds to his age should be seen as an incredible celebration of all the new skills and milestones that the child has accomplished.

Inspired by Swami Sivananda